• Amanda Bowers
    "Team of Hawaii Photographers"
  • 14 years
    of photography experience
  • Oahu wedding photographer
    Can do shoots all over Oahu and other islands
  • Has photographed weddings
    in 24 states and 3 countries


    • 15 years shooting weddings
    • Over 600 weddings photographed
    • Has photographed weddings in 24 states and 3 countries
    • Background in news and magazing photography
    • B.S. in Photojournalism
    • Nationally published (Jane Magazine, Family Circle)
    • Heavy on natural, artsy and documentary shots
    • Lighter on posed shots
    • World Traveler
    • Outdoor Enthusiast
    • Foodie
    • Supporter of other small business and artists
    • Backyard gardener,  supporter of local agriculture,  farm volunteer
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    More reasons to hire Amanda…

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 I take what I do seriously.

    I’m well aware that I can’t re-shoot your wedding and I take responsibility seriously. I arrive to the general area of weddings EARLY and I get your location and scout it out. I’m completely prepared and ready to shoot on time. I always carry back up camera and lenses.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 I get to know you before the wedding day.

    I recommend doing a phone consultation when booking and doing another week or two before the wedding. I want to learn about your wedding and what you have in mind.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 You’ll enjoy your day working with me!

    I shoot in a way that all you to enjoy your day while getting a good mix of photo styles. I spend the majority of the time taking photojournalism style images where you don’t have to do any posing. During the group shots, I’m quick and organized.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 I understand that editing is important as shooting.

    The editing part on your photos is started by my staff graphic artists and then I do FURTHER editing. I spend time working with your images just like a photographer would have in the darkroom. Shooting is only half the job. It’s the extensive editing that adds polish to professional photos.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 I offer high end photography with FAIR and UP FRONT pricing!

    I do both large and small scale weddings. See the wedding photography rates page for detail . There are never hidden costs. I believe in being up front about my prices and making it easy for couples to find something that fits.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 I’m always willing to show you complete events.

    I always have complete events online. It’s important to view whole weddings by photographers you are considering! Viewing whole weddings really gives you an idea how someone shoot. Highlights just show photographers general style.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 I am focused before, during and AFTER you event!

    I enjoy what I do! I take a limited number of weddings per month in order to provide a great customer service to my wedding couples! I provide finished images and albums in a reasonable timeframe (4 – 5 weeks).

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 I make booking easy!

    It takes just 15 minutes! If you have decided that you are interested in having me document you wedding day, please give me a call. I fill a contract FOR YOU (just select a shoot from my rates page). You simply review the contract, email it back and read a credit card number to lock in you date! If you are just getting started, that’s ok too. Please call me anytime to visit anytime about your wedding.

  5. F.A.Q

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Before the Big day

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 Are you the person who takes our wedding photographs?

    YES! I will always be the person taking your pictures. I don’t hire other photographers to cover dates for me. I will often bring an assistant to help transport equipment and do some set up work, but I will always be taking your wedding photographs.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 Are you primarily a wedding photographer or do you focus on different types of photography?

    95% of my photography business is weddings ! I used to be a photojournalist for a newspaper and accept editorial work for a few magazines. In the past 5 years , I’ve photographed almost only weddings ! I feel that it’s a huge advantage to the couples I photograph to have someone that specializes in weddings. Wedding photography has unique characteristics that make it different from any other type of photography. Having a photographer who is completely comfortable shooting weddings leads to a more relaxed day for the bride and groom!

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 What is your wedding photography style?

    I shoot weddings in a way that allows you to enjoy your day ! I do a lot of unposed shots ( photojournalism style ) and I pose your family and couple shots. I also pull you aside for a shot here and there. The majority of my time on the wedding day is spent moving around you to get the best light and angles. I let the wedding day happen without constant direction from me.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 What kind of Camera’s do you have? How high is the image quality? Do you carry back up equipment?

    I shoot with a Canon 40D. The high resolution images can be enlarged to 24 by 36 inches perfectly (absolutely no distortion or loss of image quality) though most people only enlarge wedding photos up to 16 by 20′s. I also have professional Canon cameras for my negative equipment. I ALWAYS have backup equipment OF THE SAME HIGH QUALITY AS MY ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT with me. Generally, I’ll be carrying 3 sets of camera’s and lenses to your wedding.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 Are the images that come on CD High Resolution? Are they marked in any way? Can I print from them?

    The images are High Resolution images. You can print from your CD. They are not marked with a watermark or copyright. You own the images!

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 Are images from you edited and re-touched?

    Yes! My digital artist goes through EVERY IMAGE and then I go through them to do additional editing and retouching. The extensive editing is what gives your pictures a polished and professional look. I spend every bit as much time doing editing work as a did when I first started weddings and was working in only film. I include many crops, many black and whites, and many retouched images on your CD! I provide additional retouching at no extra charge. This includes airbrushing skin, fixing “fly-aways” in hair, objects in the background, etc.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 How did you get into photography?

    I’ve have loved it forever! I’ve known since I was a teenager that it’s what I wanted to do and I can’t imagine doing anything else! I have a news and magazine photography background, but my work now is mostly weddings!

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 How many weddings have you photographed total?

    Over 400 so far!

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 We have heard that it’s important to see complete weddings by photographers. We want to see many images from single events and not just see hand picked highlights. Can we see full weddings online?

    Yes! I always have 10-12 FULL WEDDINGS uploaded and ONLINE.
    You can find complete weddings on shutterfly on this page.
    You can find my most recent complete weddings on this page.
    Call me at 866 507 2261 and I can give you names and passwords for even MORE complete weddings.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 Do you refer other vendors if I need a: videographer, officiant, DJ, florist etc. ?

    Yes, I have worked with hundreds of talented wedding professionals and can often help you find another pro at no extra charge.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 Is it true that you work almost exclusively from word of mouth advertising and don’t do bridal shows or advertise in the yellow pages etc?

    Yes! It also means that it’s important to me that my customers are VERY happy with my work! I depend of my former customers to keep doing business. It also helps keep costs down for my customers ( by not having to pay for expensive advertising) while still providing TOP QUALITY photography.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 Have you really been to 24 states for weddings and have also done a couple of out of the country weddings?

    Yes! I’ve done weddings in almost half the states in the country! I’ve been to Jamaica, Mexico, and Costa Rica for destination weddings! Travel is a personal interest of mine and it’s worked well to blend that with shooting. I’ve had the chance to see some GREAT places!

    Questions About Reserving Wedding Photography Services

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 How do I reserve you for my wedding?

    It’s easy ! Give me a call at 801 556 3301 to make sure your date is open and visit a little about the wedding. I’ll fill out a sample contract for you with your all your wedding details ( date , location , shoot you selected ) and email this contract to you. Shoots require a deposit of 25% to lock in a date.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 Are you able to take last minute bookings?

    I try to accommodate last minute bookings . However , I do take on a limited number of wedding per year (between 35-40 events ). Taking a limited number of weddings per year guarantees excellent service for my couples before, during , and AFTER the wedding! Every year, I do have to turn some weddings down in order to make sure I have enough time to edit images and create albums. I can usually take last minute events during the low season, but not during the high season.

    On the Wedding Day

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 Do you check out the wedding location beforehand?

    Yes ! I will be at your wedding location between 30 minutes and an hour early to check everything out , meet your families, and find the best spots for some formal photographs.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 Does the time spent driving to my reception count against my photography time?

    Only if it’s less than 30 minutes away. If you have more than a 30 minute drive or have more than two locations, I can spend extra time to cover what you need without charging you for the travel between spots.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 Do you have a limit on the number of photos that you take on the day of my wedding?

    No. Expect an average of about 100 pictures per hour.
    How will you be dressed for the photo shoot?
    I’m always in black / grey slacks and a nice shirt.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 Do we include you in catering figures?

    It’s appreciated, but never required. If I take a break to eat, you get 15-20 minutes added on to the end of your shoot so that you get your full shoot time.

    After the Shoot Session

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 Approximately how long will it be until I can see my photos?

    5 weeks. We can also email a few previews if you need a few faster.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 After selecting the photos for my album, how long do they usually take ?

    2-3 weeks.

    bubble_consulting_chat-128 How much retouching do you do?

    We retouch light and contrast ON ALL images. I go through the images and choose around 20% of my favorites for more extensive retouches including light skin touches, removing people from background if needed, turning images to black and white. You’ll get your original image too along with the retouches. Additional retouching after you see the pictures is FREE on up to 10 additional images!